We have all experienced that, the stress comes from unresolved conflicts with our co-workers, superiors, customers, vendors, suppliers or subordinates. Unresolved conflicts result in low employee morale, loss of productivity, absenteeism and higher turnover. The Conflict Management/Resolution Workshop goes directly to the heart of this problem. Resultantly, junior to mid-level managers and first-line supervisors learn various techniques for resolving conflicts and fostering a 60/40 culture. This means be giving than taking. Using a combination of role-playing and case studies, delegates will implement strategies and receive feedback on their attempts at solving specific conflicts.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. Conflict is inevitable, unavoidable-even healthy. The existence of conflict is not the problem, rather provides lessons after its management.
  2. How to identify existence of conflicts at workplace.
  3. How to listen to others’ points of view for better understanding and improved employee relationship at workplace.
  4. How to express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame, criticism, reproaching or finger-pointing
  5. Proven methods for resolving conflicts so that needs (not competing solutions and situations) get clearly identified and new more creative solutions are found with groups’ honest involvement
  6. How to mediate disputes between team members
  7. What are Negotiations and their principles?

Course Outline

  • Causes of workplace disagreements and dissent.
  • Causes, and consequences of unmanaged conflicts.
  • Behavioral styles,
  • Myer Briggs test and types of personality.
  • Impact of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.
  • Effective Listening Strategies for Better Understanding
  • Conflict Arising Situations
  • Real or imagined, large or small, solvable or unsolvable conflicts.
  • Solutions, procedure and management strategies.
  • Impasse Removal.
  • Stress Reduction in the Backdrop of Workplace Conflict