We make decisions every day, so what makes a decision strategic? The difference lies in its degree of impact and trickled down implications. Should we introduce a new product? What development approach should we take? I have three projects and one budget. How can I determine which project to fund that will have the highest value? These are strategic decisions that potentially affect the future of any enterprising organization. This course will show the participants how to improve decision-making capabilities through innovative processes and proven practical tools to effectively solve problems, address challenges and seizelimited opportunities. Participants will learn how to follow logical approaches through critical business decisions with minimal risk of making the wrong decisions. They will also learn alternative techniques to solving complex as well asday-to-day problems.

Prospective Participants:
Junior to mid-level managers, supervisors, project leaders and team members/ leaders, or anyone required to make decisions of significant impact or consequence.

What will Participants Achieve?

  • Increased ability to make the right decisions that will produce the best results
  • A powerful analysis of decision making strengths to target specific areas for improvement
  • Better abilities to minimize uncertainty and risk
  • Promote buy-in of the team
  • Ensure that decisions are aligned with strategic business objectives
  • Understand how to transform disjointed groups into synergistic, effective and successful problem solving teams
  • Make important decisions with the greatest likelihood of generating desirable outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to turn complex choices into simple decisions using powerful Decision-Making Models.
  • How to achieve Decision Quality to achieve greater certainty and value of decision outcomes
  • Effective risk management and contingency planning concepts
  • Quick and effective methods to analyze problems and identify systemic root cause
  • Consensus based decision-making models to promote buy-in and team synergy